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Our Process

The design consultation begins with an free, no obligation in-person meeting once we have collected all of the perdinent information for your project. From there, we can discuss your vision and intentions short and long term as well as complete functionality of your new space. Are you a new family that may need space to grow with you over the years? Do you like to entertain large groups, family and friends? We enjoy getting to know our customers so that we can be as optimal as possible and get you to your dream kitchen or living space without a hitch.

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Prepare for your consultation

So you've made the decision that you want to go forward with your project, but you aren't sure where to start. Something as involved as a whole house millwork and cabinetry job, a kitchen remodel, or even an update to a small bath can seem a daunting task. That's why it is important that you carefully plan your project ahead of time, and that's why we are involved in this very important step in the project. Following are some steps that you should take to ensure that your project gets started correctly – Let's get started!

Below are five important steps that should be defined before beginning your project. Most of these steps may be completed already - if not use this as a guide to prepare for your initial (no obligation) consultation with one of our designers.

Step 1: Set the scope of your project.


You must clearly define how much you want to tackle. A project can spiral out of control into a seemingly never-ending process of construction that you will quickly tire of. To make the process flow as quickly and smoothly as possible, decide exactly how much and where you want to install new cabinetry and/or millwork. Are room alterations such as moving a wall, or adding space desired? Will you be purchasing new appliances? By knowing exactly what is to be done, you can make plans AHEAD of time, instead of adding on to a partially completed project and dragging out the project further. Proper planning will ensure a cohesive overall design and expedite the process.


Step 2: Decide what your ultimate goal is.


The very first thing to do is to decide what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Why are you doing this project in the first place? Are you tired of the 'same old' and want a new sense of style injected into your home? Do you like the layout of your current kitchen, but want something fresh, or do you want to bring some added functionality to your kitchen that you've always wanted? Both form and function can exist harmoniously, but it is very important to decide what is the driving force behind the project. You should keep this goal in mind throughout the project and make sure your contractors know it too.

Step 3: Set a budget.


Now that you've decided what exactly you want to do, decide how much you wish to spend on the project. Appliance models, the materials you choose for your cabinetry and countertops, and the number of decorative 'add-ons' will all be dictated to an extent by your budget. By taking a realistic look at what you are willing to spend, we can help you get the best combination of product and price.


Step 4: Brainstorm. 


Search magazines and the internet for cabinetry features that you like. Clip these images, print them from the internet, write down ideas you have, or take pictures of a friend's house that you like. Peruse our gallery of completed projects, and look at our available products page. Once you start looking, the ideas will begin to come to you and the project will start to take form in your mind. Don't worry if you aren't the creative type, we're here to help with that. The important thing is to define the styles, colors, designs, and functions that YOU find attractive.

Step 5: Setup a free, no obligation consultation


We'll ask you about your goals, the scope of the project, your budget, and your ideas. And don't worry if you aren't sure about something. We're here to help fill in the gaps that you might have missed or not thought about. Once we've defined some basic parameters of design and scope, we'll set one of our design specialist to work. At this time we will prearrange another meeting to present you with a free, no obligation estimate for your project.

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Take a Tour of Our Showroom

Our work is showcased in our beautiful showroom located in Findlay, Ohio. We encourage our guests to schedule an appointment so we can give you the one on one attention you deserve. Upon arriving, we will give you a personal tour of the entire facility including our beautiful showroom, design center, and our in-house fabrication warehouse where we can introduce you to our team and show you the entire process that takes place all under one roof.